Election Notice

PCMA Election 2020-21 Contesting Candidates List



Sr.No Events Day / Date
1 Announcement of Election Schedule Wednesday
15th July 2020
2 Display of the Election schedule, its circulation to eligible voters along with Voters list and its submission to the DGTO Wednesday
15th July 2020
3 Submission of changes desired by the member firm regarding the name of their representative to the Secretary General, PCMA Friday
17th July 2020
4 Display of List of Members eligible along with their National Tax No, Sales tax Registration No, name and National ID Card No of the representative Monday
20th July 2020
5 Submission of objections by members to the entries in the list of voters to be sent to the Secretary General Saturday
25th July 2020
6 Intimation of action by Secretary General on the objections or changes sent by the members Monday
27th July 2020
7 Representation by the aggrieved person(s) on the decision of Secretary General to the Election Commission Wednesday
29th July 2020
Eid-ul-Azha Holidays(30th July-3rd August 2020)
8 Decision on the objection by the aggrieved party by the Election Commission Wednesday
5th August 2020
9 Appeal to the DGTO against the decision of the Election Commission by the aggrieved member(s) Saturday
8th August 2020
10 Decision on the appeal by the DGTO Friday
21th August 2020
11 Display of list of voters, after decision of DGTO Saturday
22th August 2020
12 Submission of Nomination Papers, duly proposed and seconded by a registered voter and signed by the candidate for contesting Election of the membership of the Executive Committee against on the Prescribed Form to be typed on unit letterhead, submitted to the Secretary General, PCMA, in person, mail, or through an authorized person but not through fax-in any case Tuesday
25th August 2020
13 Provision of copy of list of voters to each Contesting Candidate Wednesday
26th August 2020
14 Scrutiny of nomination papers by the Election Commission and display of list of candidates Wednesday
26th August 2020
15 Filing of objections to the nomination of candidate to the Election Commission Thursday
27th August 2020
16 Decision on the objection of the candidates by the Election Commission Tuesday
1th september 2020
17 Filing of appeal against the decision of the Election Commission to the DGTO Thrusday
3th september 2020
18 Decision of the appeals by the DGTO Friday
11th september 2020
19 Withdrawal of nomination papers Saturday
14th september 2020
20 a) Issuance of the list of candidates by the Election Commission
b) If no appeal has been filed to the DGTO, the issuance of Final list of candidates will be issued
14th september 2020
21 Polling for election of members of the Executive Committee Saturday
19th september 2020
22 Submission of nomination papers by any person elected as member of executive committee, his nomination duly proposed and seconded by elected executive committee’s member and signed by the candidate Tuesday
22th september 2020
23 Scrutiny of nomination papers by Election Commission and display of final list of candidates) Wednesday
23th september 2020
24 Polling for election of the Office bearers of the PCMA for 2019-20 Saturday
26th September 2020
25 Official announcements of results in the Annual General Body Meeting of the PCMA Saturday
26th September 2020

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